A Melbourne-born brand, BLAS is the brain-child of a door hardware manufacturer, a designer and a master carpenter. Anthony has been hand-crafting custom pieces out of a Victoria garage for over 20 years. From a family of tradesman he, and his master-carpenter father, focused on making hardware that was engineered to last and easy to install. When discovered by a Sydney designer whose customers were looking for products that just didn’t exist, they teamed up and started making them. That’s how they got into the business of producing premium quality, custom-crafted hardware and accessories. And they’ve never looked back.


A double spring mechanism – steel springs encased in a 316 marine grade stainless steel housing – make the BLAS spring mechanisms precise, robust and reliable, even in high use environments.. The smart screw system means gone are the days of having to perform a balancing act to install through-bolt screws to affix the levers to each other. Built with Hexagonal countersunk and fixing lugs to assist thru-bolt fixing, installation is a lot easier. Being a bespoke brand, each lever’s circlips are machine pressed and then individually tested to make sure there is minimal vertical and horizontal play between handle and rose. All marks of this brands engineering excellence.


Have you ever loved the design of a front door entrance pull or some cabinetware but they just didn’t fit the existing hole sizes you had? Or didn’t come in the finish that matched your other furnishings? Being a bespoke, Australian made brand, BLAS can customise their cabinet and entry hardware to suit. Work with ADH to create a design you love, that will work for your specifications, and BLAS is your go-to to make it a reality.


The most classic of designs, are often the best ones. While there are many of the same, timeless designs on the market today – most of the time, they aren’t done any justice. With a focus on mass-production, saving on materials, saving time and cutting costs – the original design is often compromised for profit. BLAS is lucky enough to be able to manufacture smaller quantities, at a reasonable price, without compromising the details. Each piece is hand-finished – from the unassuming edge detail to the lustrous colours – creating quality pieces, without compromising the design.